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I want apply for a job and have some questions

How can I apply for a job?

You create an account on our web site, www.debaraspro.cz, fill in your personal calendar and schedule your shifts based on when you can work.

What would my schedule be like?

You can work with us as much as you like, we are happy for you to manage your own time spent at work and on other activities.

When do I get my salary?

In our company, every Thursday is a pay day and you can chose it you prefer to get paid directly into your bank account or by cash.

What about the tax?

If apply a credit tax 15% you get your netto salary, if you dont you can apply for a credit tax after year tax back.

What do i get cooperation with debarasPRO.cz?

You can work and have a great experience in prestige hotels and restaurants and work in shading in super cool places with teh best profesionals in hospitaliy in Prague.

I want a stuff and employees for my business

Can I use the app externally to book shifts for my own employees?

Yes, you can use the app to organise your own staff shifts. And if you need any additional cover we are always ready to book our employees to help cover the shift.

Do the staff work for only my events?

All employees of DebarasPro.cz work for other business partners. Our head office overseas the management of the staff cover and inputs all shifts on to our system.

How do I pay for the service?

You book as many employees as you need for your event and pay for the service they have provided. We cover the salary costs so you don’t have any additional charges. After you use our services we will issue you with an invoice.

How it works?

You create your business profile on debarasPRO.cz and put the shifts you like to fill with details, everything we do for you than and you can just focus for your business and you customers.

What happend if the stuff doesnt come?

We make back up! we always try to manage sub-stuff for your events if something happens.