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Welcome in DebarasPRO.cz - A place for PROfessionals in Gastronomy

Are you looking for kitchen staff or a waiter? Do you need a professional sommelier or a private chef for your event? Does your waiter need more training or to learn a foreign language? We are pleased you have decided to use our services.

Want to know more?

Our ‘Debaras’ application is a unique way of planning and organising your staff in hospitality sector for either permanent or temporary jobs. We are here to help and support you with staffing from our wide selection of verified workers.

All you need to do is create an account and include the location where you will require our staff to support you and specify your criteria requirements. This will include how many people are needed and for how long and whether they will need to have any specific expertise for your event etc...

After you enter all of your requirements the app will do the job for you and match the most suitable staff to your event. You will then get a confirmation of the workers booked for your event, extra staff will automatically be included in case of any last minute cancellations. Once this has been completed you will then be all set to fully focus on what brings money into your business, your guests! Once the event finishes you will be able to rate our staff and accept your invoice online.

Do you have your own staff and only need help with managing all shifts and potentially add only a few temporary staff? Create an account, include your staff. You can also use our external staff only in case someone from your team cannot make it for their shift.

For Jobseekers / Brigade

Register yourself and join our professional community of hospitality workers. After each of your shift you will get ranking points. The longer you have been using our Debaras application and the longer you have been working for Debaras your salary increases accordingly.

Refer a friend and get 500,- CZK as a bonus after they work at least 100 hours with us.